We have tried to setup the fees as simply as possible - but also to provide you complex overview of our fees, so you can find out the fees for most of the research types directly. If you have any questions about the fees, or if you need clarification or estimation, please don't hesitate and contact us.

Our preferred payment method is PayPal, as the Czech banks are not yet too friendly with the checks. However if you prefer to pay by the check, we kindly ask you to add the bank fee of 28 USD / 20 EUR.

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Research in the archives

There is a wide network of archives in the Czech Republic with seven main archives where parish registries are stored. We are mainly providing the research in the main archives, but based on the agreement between client and us, we are also able to provide research in the county archives.

If there is a trip to distant archives needed, we are waiting until we have more of research orders in the same archives (maximum waiting time is 60 days). You will be informed about this fact together with estimation of time needed.

Parish registries (vital records)

Standard research includes mainly the parish registries and records which are contained in these books.

Localization of a single record: 24 USD / EUR
needed information: place, year span

Localization of 2 to 10 records: 20 USD / EUR per record
needed information: place, year span for at least one record

Localization of 11 to 20 records: 17 USD / EUR per record
needed information: place, year span for at least one record

Localization of more than 20 records: 15 USD / EUR per record
needed information: place, year span for at least one record

We are not charging any additional fees (as for transportation, administrative fees etc.). You are paying only for the number of records you have ordered and/or we have found in the archives.

What will you receive after the research is finished:

Detailed report about the used resources.
Transcription of the record(s).
Translation of the record(s).
Digital copy (photo) of the record(s).
Explanation of any terms or words which are not common.
Family chart in gedcom format.
In case of a large research family history based on the records found.

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Research in other resources

Cadastral registers
Transcription and translation of 1 page: 22 USD / EUR

There are not any additional fees charged in case that the cadastral book is stored in one of the 7 main archives. In case the cadastral book is not stored there, we charge transportation fee which depends on the current prices of the Czech public transport services.

Other resources
Depends on availability of the resources and the agreement between the client and the researcher. Contact us for further details.

Examples of the resources that can be searched:
Marriage banns
Register of serfs
Official documents about a single individual

There is a transportation fee charged for the visits of the county archives. The fee depends on the current prices of the Czech public transportation services.

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Place of origin localization

As described in the Research section, localization of the place your ancestors came from can sometimes be a problem. We are here for you even in case the only information you have about the place of origin of your ancestor is "Bohemia" or "Moravia" and bunch of family stories. Even these family stories can help us to locate the correct place where your ancestors came from.

Localization fee: 70 USD / EUR
We will charge you an advance payment of 35 USD / EUR which is used to cover the costs of localization even in case the search was not successful. In such case you will receive a report about methods which were used to try to localize the correct place.

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Localization of living relatives

People are often interested in if there are still relatives living in the area their ancestors came from. It is possible to find these relatives quite often. This research is a combination of the standard vital records research and the localization research, we are using different resources to find the possible relatives. If we are able to find the living relatives, we are contacting them personally and/or with a letter prepared in cooperation with the customer.

Fee: 110 USD / EUR

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Research in the villages

If you are interested in getting photos, maps and plans of the villages and towns your ancestors came from, we are also here at your service. We provide photos from the cemeteries, photos of the churches, important buildings in the village and photos of houses your ancestors came from, if the localization of the house is possible.

We can also provide you maps of the village your ancestors came from from several eras - this depends on the availability of the map. Contact us to get more information about this topic.

The charge for village research is set to 100 USD / EUR for set of digital photos (minimum of 20 photos) from the village and cemetery. The transportation fee is added to the total price (depends on the current prices of public transportation in the Czech Republic).
Photo information: at least 4 Mpix (2400 x 1600 px), JPEG format, provided online or on CD/DVD.

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Help with reading

As there are some of the Czech archival records already placed online, we offer you not only the research, but also help with reading of parish records.

In case you are doing an online research by yourself and you got into the time period where you are not able to read the letters and/or don't understand the words, we are also here at your service. We will check the records found by you and your transcription/translation for its correctness and we will send you the corrected version of the record.
8 USD / EUR per record